Our Management Team

Our Management Team

  • Ryan Murphy

    Co-Owner & President

    Ryan began with TACO as the VP of Sales and Marketing. Through his vision and leadership, TACO grew into an international industry leader in communications equipment. He took over as president in 2010. Today, Ryan is responsible for the overall day-to-day operations of the company, leading the management team and growing the business.

  • Rob Hooton


    As a CA with almost 30 years of experience, Rob brings to Wade and Taco a depth of business accounting expertise. His specialties include accounting and tax, corporate reorganizations, and purchase and sale of businesses. He plays an important role in the strategic growth of the organization.

  • Stephanie Farrell

    Administrative Manager

    Stephanie has been a valuable asset at TACO. From accounting to human resources she has the answers. Her work lives the brand of TACO – she goes above and beyond with everything she does.

  • Wayne Weatherbee

    VP Operations, Health & Safety Coordinator

    Operations at TACO is no small challenge. With decades of experience in manufacturing management, Wayne has been guiding the day-to-day operations at TACO with irreplaceable knowledge and dedication.

  • Marty Hladysh

    Head of Engineering

    The engineering evolution since Marty’s arrival has been transformative, positively impacting all areas of the TACO business. Marty's team is always focused on future innovation and customer needs.

  • Angie Chatterson


    Angie's role in the organization is vital to all areas of TACO's business. She is the lynchpin that keeps supplies and production on time in a fast-paced industry.