Model LSV-50 Lightning Shield


Model LSV-50 Lightning Shield

The LSV-50 Lightning Shield is for up to 50 Amp service, providing lightning and voltage protection for equipment. These units include a zero maintenance sensor and are built to exacting standards. This package includes: detector, controller, 20 feet of power cord & fiber optic cable, fittings, fuses and miscellaneous.


  • Preemptive protection
  • Protect assets
  • Fits with existing surge protection systems
  • Provides the only proven protection against L-GPR
  • Reduces service labour time and equipment replacement -- saves money


  1. Protect your equipment - this is your only solution for protecting your assets against L-GPR
  2. A build-up of energy on the ground is detected - before a cloud-to-ground lightning strike, there is a detectable difference in atmosphere and ground static charges
  3. Your equipment is physically isolated from the threat - After detecting and energy build-up on the ground, the equipment is physically isolated fromthe CA power grid
  4. After a predetermined time, power to the equipment is restored - When the threat has passed, the LSV-50 reconnects to power, all the while continuing to provide protection
  • Connector Type: N Female
  • Sectional: No

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