Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

Going Above and Beyond.

TACO Antenna strives to be a global leader providing unique and innovative technological solutions for applications in both demanding and challenging environments for the communications industry. With progressive leadership that emphasizes customer service through sales, marketing, research and innovation, TACO delivers unrivaled service and satisfaction alongside leading edge technology.

Vision Statement:  TACO Antenna is one of the pre-eminent manufacturers of engineered solutions for antenna-based communication in the world.  Our commitment to safety, quality, knowledge and customer service ensures a relevant, ever-changing product line expertly manufactured and proudly sold by a well-trained, empowered staff.  We have the experience and technical expertise to continually advance with our partners the innovation necessary to meet the existing and future demands of the world market.

Mission Statement:  Through our emphasis on safety, quality and technical excellence, we consistently cultivate an effective workforce with the agility and innovation necessary to provide high quality, leading edge engineering solutions to our customers.  Through our focus on customer service, we ensure our products are delivered on time and on specifications.  Through our extensive experience we anticipate technical trends, providing our customers a competitive advantage.


Core Value: Teamwork


We are a dedicated, innovative, goal-oriented team, with a commitment to positive communication.

Core Value: Respect


We are mindful and supportive of others in all actions, interactions and decisions.

Core Value: Ownership


We are advocates in ownership through pride, passion, commitment and a dedication to learn, improve and grow.