Industry Expertise

Industry Expertise

Innovating antenna solutions for military
and civil aviation applications since 1934.

TACO Antenna manufactures VHF and UHF communication antennas, including omni directional ground-to-air communication antennas, helical antennas for satellite communication, and Yagi point-to-point communication antennas. Built to the highest standards of durability and reliability, our antennas meet the demanding requirements of the military, defence contractors, and commercial civil aviation systems worldwide.

Our engineering capability and overall responsiveness have made us a leader in the development and manufacture of high quality communication antennas. Our products have a strong reputation for ruggedness and reliability.

Our antennas are deployed across the world with the U.S. military, the Canadian Armed Forces, and with military and defence organizations from around the world, including the United Kingdom, Spain, Romania, Germany, and Italy.

Watch our Corporate Video for an informative tour of TACO Antenna, a global leader providing unique and innovative technological solutions for applications in both demanding and challenging environments for the communications industry.

  • Ground-To-Air

    Our Omni Directional VHF/UHF Muldipol™ antennas have been designed for use by military and civil air traffic control systems, including vehicular and base communications. Incorporating rugged, lightweight construction and multiple ports, our Muldipol™ antennas are easy to install, low profile, and compact.

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    Designed to withstand the most severe and extreme conditions, our industry-leading circular polarized high gain helical antennas are built for rapid deployment and provide greater flexibility with multiple mounting options and unmatched performance.

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  • Shipboard

    TACO provides a variant of VHF and UHF omni directional Muldipol™ antennas specifically designed for shipboard and naval use, with a reduced footprint, multiple outputs, and increased stability for open sea installations. We also provide ground plane coaxial stub antennas, with a rugged design specific to shipboard use that will withstand the most challenging weather and sea conditions.

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  • Directional

    Using multiple driven elements, our line of Yagi and Log Periodic antennas achieve high gain levels and cover a wider frequency range for superior point-to-point voice and data communication, including ground-to-ground and ground-to-air applications.

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